Hi, my name is DJ Drewski.

The Infamous DJ from South West England. I have been DJing for around 25 years on and off, started out with a couple of Gerrard turntables that I found in a skip, built some lights and painted the boxes,,,,and off I went.

I started out doing wedding and birthday parties in pub function rooms and village halls, and following my brothers rock band around the South West as the 'warm up' and 'interlude' and this was all before I had left school. I moved to South London in late '80's and for a short time was a resident DJ in Streatham,,I remember the owner asking me what equipment I needed and how much it would cost, I had no idea, so he sent me to Roger Squires in Tottenham Court Road with an open cheque,,,I was like a kid in a sweetshop, and spent just under £3000, which was a lot in those days.

Having moved back to the South West in the early '90's I carried on DJing in my local pub for private parties, Xmas and New Year parties until i decided to sell all my equipment, and knock it on the head. I now spend a lot of time mixing and I am MC and DJ at my friends 2 day festival which is held every August Bank Holiday.

I will be putting some of my mixes up for download,,which you can find in the MENU section. Feel free to email me any time you like.

DJ Drewski



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